B.C. Rich Guitar Company
Legendary Master Luthier Neal Moser is back!

Neal had been an integral part of BC Rich Guitar’s history. He was there during the brand’s rise to World Wide Recognition, he was there when BC Rich became practically synonymous with Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. During those years Neal designed the notorious “B.I.C.H.” shape you have seen in the hands of Dave Mustaine, Lita Ford, Joe Perry, Neil Giraldo amongst many-many other great artists. Neal designed electronics were always sought after and his craftsmanship is nothing short of legendary.

At this milestone, at the 50th anniversary and the rebirth of the brand we had to reach out and reconnect with the master.

We are excited to announce that he has agreed to come back on board as a master luthier. So, you can now own a Neal Moser built BC Rich USA Custom guitar! Neal’s Arizona Based Guitar Shop will also be selling B.C. Rich guitars.