Discontinued Import Guitar information

Number of Import guitars sold by model

BVI (Includes Tremolo & hard tail)                    275

(of which 75 had the small tit on the headstock, all the rest had the Bishops hat.)

BVI Bass                                                           17

SI (Spawn)                                                       38

SI (Spawn Bass)                                                 5

EBI/Sri (Siren)                                                  34

EBI/SRI Bass                                                    15

MVI  (Moser)                                                     55

STI    (Strat)                                                      22

MMI (Moser Mini)                                              36

AU (Arachnid)                                                    24

WRAI (Wraith)                                                   13

SBI  (Starblazer)                                                19

FSI  (Faststar)                                                    23

SYI  (Scythe)                                                      15

GEN (Geneses)                                                   12


Total   603

The imports were introduced at the January 2005 NAMM

Contact us: 678.773.4215

5500 N Robert Rd Prescott Valley, AZ 86314


Lawsuit Spawn Guitar

Lawsuit Spawn Bass

Spawn SV (second version) Only 1 sample built.