About Us

Neal Moser Guitars is a custom handmade guitar and bass shop. This shop also repairs BC Rich guitars and basses. Neal Moser is the head luthier and owner. He has over 20 original designs which are available for ordering.

Neal Moser was an independent contractor for BC Rich Guitars from 1974 to 1985. Neal originally got involved with BC Rich because of his electronic designs. Bernie Rico (Founder of BC Rich Guitars) saw Neal’s electronics work and asked him to join forces. Neal designed the BC Rich “Rich Bich” and the “Virgin” guitars and basses. His original electronics are still being offered by Neal Moser Guitars along with many replacement parts for vintage BC Rich guitars and basses. They are also being supplied to the new BC Rich Custom Shop.

Neal Moser was associated with GMW Guitar Works from 1986 to 2003. Neal Moser was the head luthier for Moser Custom Shop (MCS) from 2003 until his move to Arizona in 2010 where he opened Neal Moser Guitars.