"Neal Moser makes the highest quality electric guitars I have ever played, and I have spent decades searching out the very best. It starts by selecting the wood to be used one piece at a time, by hand, with the experienced eye of a master craftsman. No part of the process is rushed, and the results of that care yield instruments of superior quality to anything a factory could possibly produce. The exotic shapes may catch your eye, but once you play one you will only talk about how well it plays and the incredible sustain and tone they have. On a scale of 1 to 10, I rate them a solid 12... head and shoulders above the rest. And I consider myself a very picky person who is almost impossible to please. Straight up, Neal Moser makes the best electric guitar you will ever play. Bar none."
Christian George

"I am the proud owner of Genesis Templar Bass #2. I love this bass and use it at my home studio a lot. High quality bass perfect for me."
Walt Keith

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