M2-G Booster Box for Guitar w/CAP MOD foot switch. Second Edition


The booster circuit in this box is the same booster circuit that was installed in all Vintage BC Rich guitars with FULL electronics built between 1974 and 1985. The CAP MOD circuit creates a biting drive with less volume than the standard booster sound.

This is how the booster circuit works:
Most humbucking pickups put out around 1/2 volt. That means you have 1/2 volt
going into the input preamp stage of your amp. When you turn on the booster it
increases the voltage of your pickups by 10 times. Otherwise, your 1/2 volt pickup
output jumps to 5 volts. When you push 5 volts of signal into the front end of your
amp it over loads it to the point of distortion. It will also increase the volume of the
amp considerably.
The best and most useful way to use this booster/preamp circuit is to set your amp
for nice rhythm crunch/mild distortion. Then when you turn on the booster it will slightly
increase the amp volume and it will add really nice distortion and some compression.
I've been using this booster for my distorted ROCK leads for 30 years.
It's also the same booster unit that came in almost ALL 70s & 80s BC Rich guitars.
We now offer a CAP MOD circuit as well. When used in conjunction with the booster,
you'll get less boost with a brighter sound. This creates a really great lead sound that
cuts through the mud. The booster requires a 9Volt battery.
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