Model 21 B Booster Box for Bass w/CAP MOD foot switch. 2021 Edition

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The booster circuit in this box is the same booster circuit that was installed in all Vintage BC Rich basses with FULL electronics built between 1974 and 1985.

The Bass booster has less volume than the guitar booster and it has almost no
distortion. It creates a fuller sound with plenty of volume. The Bass booster also comes
with the CAP MOD and in conjunction with the booster, it's a great sound for bass leads
and slapping.
This unit can be powered by either an internal 9 volt battery or the negative ground
power supply of your pedal board. You can also use a plug-in power supply like a
“Truetone 1 Spot”. If you're going to use it as a “stand alone” unit using the internal
9 volt battery, we suggest unplugging your guitar between uses to conserve the battery.

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